Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_venustus
ClassificationPenstemon Saccanthera Saccanthera Serrulati
GeneralLovely or Beautiful Penstemon The common name for this species is very apt as it is generous with the number of stems arising with color variations within the large corollas. It has been successfully introduced by the Idaho Highway Department and can be easily seen blooming in June, between Lava Hot Springs and Soda Springs on Highway 30 along the border of Bannock and Bear Lake Cos. of se Idaho and in Lassen Co., ID. Blooms: May into August.
Antherhorseshoe-shaped, the sacs 1.6-2mm long, opening across the contiguous ends about 1/-1/3 their length, somewhat exserted from the throat.
StaminodeWhite-bearded at the expanded, flattened tip, barely projecting beyond flower. Fertile stamens with filaments markedly fuzzy with long white hairs near the top.
Leaves4-10 cm (1 1/2-4) long, all cauline, sessile, rarely entire, mostly dentate or finely serrate with very short, soft spines at the ends of the teeth, entire (smooth), the lower leaves reduced, lanceolate to oblong and acute at the tip.
Stems3-8 dm (12-36) tall, few to many, growing in large clumps, glabrous except for occasional lines of fine pubescence along the main axes originating in leaf axils.
InflorescenseA glabrous mixed raceme-panicle, flowers on one side (secund) of stem.
Corolla2-3.8 cm (3/4-1 1/2) long, mostly lavender to violet or purplish, smooth both inside and out, distinctly 2-lipped, the petal lobe margins lined with very fine hairs.
Flower Color
Calyx3-6 mm (to ) long, white-margined and raggedly toothed.
HabitatOpen rock outcrops and gravelly or talus slopes from valleys to subalpine in the mountains.
RangeCommon in the Blue Mountains and Hells Canyon area of se Washington and ne Oregon and adjacent w-central Idaho. Reportedly naturalized from cultivation in California