Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_virens
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Humiles
GeneralBlue-mist Penstemon Blooms: June to August depending upon elevation.
AntherWidely spreading, opening nearly to but not across the connective.
StaminodeDensely golden bearded, and included within flower.
LeavesStem leaves to 7 cm (4 ) long & -1/5 as wide, basal leaves longer and narrower to 10 cm (4) long & 1/5-1/7 as wide, smooth, bright green, entire but sometimes lightly serrated,
Stems10-40 cm (4-16) tall in rounded clumps almost covered in flowers
InflorescenseAbout the length of stem, verticillasters in whorls with 1-3 cymes at each node with 1-3 flowers on each.
CorollaSmall, 10-15 mm (to 1/2) long, pale pink near base of tube to deep blue-violet (looking misty), expanded moderately to funnel-form.
Flower Color
Calyx2-4 mm (<1/4) long..
HabitatSub-alpine and montane regions often found in acid pine-duff, 1670-3200 m (5500-10,500) .
RangeEast slope foothills of Rocky Mts. in CO and nearby WY.