Species Identification

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AttributeThe current selection is Penstemon_wilcoxii
ClassificationPenstemon Penstemon Penstemon Humiles
GeneralWilcox’s Penstemon This complex species assumes several forms. It hybridizes extensively with P. albertinus and possibly with P. attenuatus and appears to be intermediate between P. ovatus and P. attenuatus. Blooms: May to July.
AntherOpen totally, the sacs spreading nearly opposite, oval and shallowly boat-shaped to opening flat, 0.7-1 mm long, mostly included.
StaminodeLonger than the fertile stamens, slightly exserted, yellow-bearded and recurved at the tip.
LeavesBasal ones 4-20 cm (1 ½-8”) long, variable in shape from elliptic to deltoid, petioled (stemmed) about ½ the length, markedly to remotely serrate, smooth or finely pubescent; cauline leaf blades below the inflorescence often as large as the basal leaves, reduced above, mostly lanceolate to cordate-clasping, strongly to remotely serrate-toothed, essentially smooth.
Stems4-10 dm (16-40”) tall usually produces several rather slender stems in a clump, smooth or very finely pubescent (fuzzy) below the inflorescence.
InflorescenseLightly glandular (sticky), broadly spreading panicle with 10- or more-flowered cymes to narrow and congested with few-flowered cymes, especially when near to P. albertinus.
Corolla13-23 mm (1/2-15/16”) long, bright blue to blue-purple, pale in the throat with guide lines, funnel-shaped, the palate lightly bearded with yellow hairs, glandular to nearly glabrous outside.
Flower Color
Calyx2.5-5 mm (to 3/16”) high, the sepals various shapes, often lanceolate, the margins entire to irregularly erose.
HabitatOpen rocky sites to fairly thick forest from the valleys and foothills to near subalpine.
RangeNorthern ID and nw MT to se WA, ne OR and s ID.