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'What is a Penstemon?' - by Lodewick
What is a Penstemon? Well , it is not a kind of bird or a mushroom, as some of our friends have guessed. Penstemon is a genus of plants in the family Scrophulariaceae, with great variation in form and beauty, and with unusual flowers. After you know the genus, plants will shout at you, "Hey, I'm a Penstemon!" While you are learning to know it, look first for a tubular flower with five-petal lob ....- to download, Link Here

'Troughs' - by Kelaidis, Gwen
My trough project extended to about forty containers. One is ten species of pents, and most of them have one kind of Penstemon at least. Penstemon hallii from the higher elevations is a beautiful purple, under 10 inches, and seems to be doing well. The prizes of the summer were P. acaulis and yampaensis, the most diminutive of the tribe, both under three inches. I pray that we will be able to keep ....- to download, Link Here

With our camping gear, food, hand-lens, penstemon literature and books my wife, Phoebe, and I set off for the APS meetings in Walla Walla in the hopes of finding a few penstemons in bloom along the way. Our route took us from Denver via Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Uinta Mountains, the Ruby Mountains, Steen’s Mountain and Pendelton, Oregon. We left Denver in the early afternoon and hea ....- to download, Link Here

'The Scarlet Penstemons' - by Kelaidis, Panayoti
If penstemons are mentioned to flower lovers living anywhere in the West, they are apt to think of the wonderful displays the various blue flowered species make along road cuts and on steep mountain slopes at higher elevations throughout the Rockies, Cascades, and Sierras. In the East, various lavender and white species would be the first to come to mind. In our gardens, however, the penstemons th ....- to download, Link Here

'The Cristati Penstemons' - by Kelaidis, Gwen
Growing many closely related species of penstemons is an interesting gardening pastime. A few years ago I set out to get to know the Cristati penstemons, sometimes also referred to as the Aurator section. There are many short species with fairly large flowers. Most have golden-hairy staminodes. These are mostly from the arid West. It seems like a perfect group for a Denver rock gardener to explore ....- to download, Link Here


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