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'The Answer Lies in the Soil' - by Porteous, Barrie
As a teenager growing up in Britain, I remember listening to a BBC radio program in which an old English gardener with a strong west country accent always stated, somewhere in his show, that "The answer lies in the soil". Although he was the butt of many come¬dians' jokes he clearly understood the im¬portance of getting the soil right, not just from the point of view of its being acid or alkaline, ....- to download, Link Here

'Summary of the 2005 American Penstemon Society Annual Meeting, Bishop, California' - by Walz, Susie
The APS-2005 Annual Meeting was held in Bishop, California on June 10-12, 2005, with activities in the White Mountains and the Eastern Sierra. We applaud and thank Phoebe and Bob McFarlane who organized this trip over a period of two years, along with help from members of the Bristlecone Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. It was an absolutely fantastic meeting, about 65 atte ....- to download, Link Here

'Stalking the Wild Penstemons of Utah' - by Gottesman, Leonard
(Reprinted with permission of the editor of THE DODECATHEON, Delaware Valley Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society. January-February 1999 Issue, Volume 23, Number 1) The chapter was treated to a wonderful presentation on October 10th by Noel Holmgren of the NY Botanical Garden. He is a distinguished professional plant taxonomist and is just completing volume seven of the “Intermo ....- to download, Link Here

'Some Penstemons Suggested for Beginners by Region' - by Lindgren, Dale and Wilde, Ellen
a table type document with species by region.... ....- to download, Link Here

'Small Penstemons for Small Rock Gardens and Troughs' - by Kelaidis, Gwen
Mat Penstemons (Ericopsis)[2] acaulis - the smallest, under 2", with flowers buried in the foliage. caespitosus - the usual forms may be too spreading at 2-3' diameter, but some subspecies, such as perbrevis and desertipicti (indistingishable except by length of the anthers), are smaller and gray-foliaged. californicus - reputed to be 10" and lovely laricifolius - distinctive for lin ....- to download, Link Here


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