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'A Phylogenetic and Biogeographical Analysis of the Cheloneae (Scrophulariaceae) Based on ITS and matK Sequence Data' - by Wolfe, Andrea D.; Datwyler, Shannon L.; Randle, Christopher P.
Tribe Cheloneae is a member of Scrophulariaceae by tradional convention (Bentham 1846), but the taxoonomy is in transitiion because ..... ....- to download, Link Here

'A Penstemon Trip from Santa Fe to Walla Walla and Back' - by Unzer, Thea
Ellen Wilde invited me to make a four day trip from Santa Fe to the APS meeting in Walla Walla with her and another friend, Judith Thatcher, who would help her with the driving. I was delighted and flew to Santa Fe a few days early to relax after my long flight from Germany. Libby and Lauren Wheeler came from Arkansas to join us in Santa Fe. The first day brought us from from New Mexi ....- to download, Link Here

'2009 APS Annual Trip Report' - by Gerald Klingaman
The evening before we boarded a plane for El Paso, news reporters breathlessly detailed the murder of 18 people just across the Rio Grande in Juarez. The villains even shot the dog! Ongoing reports about drug violence, swine flu and a general unease about our own economic malaise set the backdrop for the 2009 American Penstemon Society pilgrimage to see some of the south-of-the-border species. B ....- to download, Link Here

'2004 Annual American Penstemon Society Tour' - by Stetson, David
After several years of reading The APS Bulletin, buying seeds from the seed exchange, growing and killing penstemons, it was time for me to contribute something back to the organization. This article is my offering. In writing this unavoidable biased account of the June APS tour (6/13-6/16), I cannot even begin to represent the discoveries, adventures, and misadventures of these days. S ....- to download, Link Here

'2001 APS Meeting Field Trip Suggested Stops' - by Maier, Laura
Penstemons in the Walla Walla region... Mileage is from Whitman College Depart the parking area on Isaacs. Continue on until just before the freeway on ramp to right at a Y onto Mill Creek Road. Continue on this road noting the lunch stop (Rooks Park) on the right. The road becomes gravel as you continue up the canyon. Continue to Forest Road 65 which is a hard right and across a one lane ....- to download, Link Here


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