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'Putting My Mouth on the Map' - by Pennington, Bob
A short while ago I suggested on the Penstemon L that it would be a good idea if many of us were to share locations for seeing penstemons. So here goes. Touring the basins and ranges of Eastern Nevada in the summer is one of our favorite vacations, and a great place for finding penstemons as well. Frequently our first stop in Nevada is Cathedral Gorge State Park, on U.S. 93, near Panaca. ....- to download, Link Here

'Plant Behavior Report: Santa Fe, New Mexico' - by Hubbard, John Dr.
Detailed penstemon growth observations from 1980.. ....- to download, Link Here

'Plant Behavior Report: Graham, Washington' - by Dusek, Edith
June, 1980: The garden would be lost without the tremendous show put on by the low evergreen shrubby penstemons and my heart is quite lost to the wee ones with impossibly large blossoms. Everything bloomed heavily here until the weird weather moved in; then everything just sat. (August, 1980) Several penstemons are putting on a modest show. They wax and wane with me for no reason. An Oregon gal ....- to download, Link Here

'Phylogeny, Taxonomic Affinities, and Biogeography of Penstemon (Plantaginaceae) Based on ITS and cpDNA Sequence Data' - by Wolfe, Andrea D.; Randle, Christopher P.; Datwyler, Shannon L.; Morawetz, Jeffery J.; Arguedas, Nidia; Diaz, Jose
The large and diverse genus Penstemon (ca. 271) is endemic to North America and has been divided into six subgenera primarily based on anther dihescense patterns. .... Trees generated from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences are incongruent.... ....- to download, Link Here

'Phylogenetic Relationships and Morphological Evolution in Penstemon subg. Dasanthera (Veronicaceae)' - by Datwyler, Shannon L.; Wolfe, Andrea D.
Reconstructing evolutionary relationships among closely related species using DNA sequence data is often complicated by insufficient data for adequate resolution... ....- to download, Link Here


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