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'Penstemons: The beautiful beardtongues of New Mexico' - by Heflin, J
Heflin, J. 1997. Penstemons: The beautiful beardtongues of New Mexico. Jackrabbit Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Beautiful photographs and lovely botanical drawings enhance this book written for the layman, but which also includes botanical descriptions. Anyone cultivating penstemons will enjoy owning this book. Thought now out of print, obtainable at a reasonable price through ....- to download, no link

'Penstemons in Denver' - by Kelaidis, Panayoti (Callas)
Denver is not ordinarily regarded as a center for the growing of Penstemons. Within the bounds of the metropolitan area of Denver, there are perhaps only two or three species of Penstemons which can be en¬countered in a wild state: P. unilateralis and the rather scarce P. grandiflorus are rarely found on the remnant prairie. Penstemon angustifolius is still common a little to the east on virgin p ....- to download, Link Here

'Penstemon Touring in the Desert and Beyond' - by Maffitt, Ginny
It was the best of all possible months and years to go penstemon hunting in southern California. Bob and Phoebe McFarlane must own an excellent crystal ball as they blithely scheduled our trip for June 10-12, 2005… the year the rains came and came. Residents of Bishop told us there was no precedent for the wettest year they were experiencing—ever. And we enjoyed and enjoyed every minute of ....- to download, Link Here

'Penstemon Hunt Success' - by Maffitt, Ginny
A sigh of relief was breathed by this year’s leader of the tour after the final event when I realized that no one had suffered even a scraped knee, fender bender, illness or other minor or major catastrophe! The weather was cool and 60ish for the first two days, and in the low 70's for the next two. The next day with participants hurrying home, Portland turned torrid and 90- were we lucky or not? ....- to download, Link Here

'Penstemom oklahomensis and Penstemon buckleyi' - by Taylor, James
I have been growing a pent called Penstemon oklahomensis. I was quite surprised this summer when almost every plant of it bloomed. I was surprised because this was its first year. It has a beautiful white flower that is somewhat like that of P. hirsutus. It bloomed so well that I was able to collect quite a bit of seed and I have sent them in to the Exchange. I hope that several of you will o ....- to download, Link Here


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