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'On the Penstemon Trail with Carl Worth' - by Priest, Amel
(this excerpt is from an article orginally published in 1947) I had been dreaming for years of making a trip into the mountains to see penstemons, but had never been able to do so. It just happened that things broke favorably this year. Carl said in one of his letters that he would like to make a trip this year with someone who had a car. I had a car and, for the first time, an opportunity ....- to download, Link Here

'Observations on Penstemon clutei, Coconino National Forest' - by Goodwin, Greg
Penstemon clutei is a robust, pink-flowered herb that is only found in the vicinity of Sunset Crater, Coconino County. It grows on volcanic cinder from 6500 to 8500 ft. elevation in ponderosa pine forest. Eight of the localities are on Coconino National Forest north of Flagstaff near Sunset Crater. The other locality is in Sunset Crater National Monument. Penstemon clutei w ....- to download, Link Here

'Living With Penstemons' - by Hebert, Myrtle
Montana had dry, windswept, alkaline soil, severe winters and hot summers, with only 12-15" of rainfall a year, most of it coming as heavy winter snow cover. In Washington we found a mild and very wet climate with approximately 80" of rain that drizzled down day after day. Sunshine was lacking in winter, and soil was very acid and loose in contrast to the gumbo at Denton. There was much for me to ....- to download, Link Here

'Key to Northwest Penstemons' - by Strickler, Dee
Dee Strickler's excellent key to the Northwest Penstemons ....- to download, Link Here

'Jewels of the Plains' - by Barr, Claude
Barr, Claude A. 1983. Jewels of the Plains: Wildflowers of the Great Plains Grasslands and Hills. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. Not only a classic, but still essential reading today for those interested in penstemons. “This is no mere checklist or manual of showy wild flowers of that vast midland province of the United States. It is instead a delightfully readable account o ....- to download, no link


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