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'I’D GO TO IDAHO, 2007' - by Maffitt, Ginny
Idaho provided the ideal setting for the annual 2007 American Penstemon Society conference in late June. Wildflowers, scenery and weather all combined to seemingly satisfy all participants, judging by the compliments received by President Louise and myself. The first get-together was on the patio of a small restaurant in Lower Stanley that overlooked the Salmon River. The backdrop was acres ....- to download, Link Here

'Intermountain Flora: Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West' - by Cronquist, A. Holmgren, A.H. Holmgren, N.H. Reveal, J.L. Holmgren, P.K.
Cronquist, A. Holmgren, A.H. Holmgren, N.H. Reveal, J.L. Holmgren, P.K. 1984. Intermountain Flora: Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West, U.S.A. Volume Four. Bronx, New York: New York Botanical Garden. This scholarly book contains a large section giving botanical descriptions of all the penstemons in the Intermountain Region which includes portions or Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, an ....- to download, no link

'Idaho Preview Treks in 2006' - by Parsons, Louise
South Central Idaho is a botanically rich area that is off the beaten path. In preparation for the ‘07 Annual meeting/trek, I was fortunate to make two quick trips during late June and early July. Ginny Maffitt and Dwayne Dickerson also made separate trips to the area and have provided valuable observations. My first trip focused on the Mackay area. This is an unspoiled area rich in flora, but ....- to download, Link Here

'Growing Penstemons: Species, Cultivars and Hybrids' - by Lindgren, D and Wilde, E.
Lindgren, D and Wilde, E. 2003. Growing Penstemons: Species, Cultivars and Hybrids, American Penstemon Society. Haverford, PA: Infinity Publishing Company. A ‘must have’ book and not expensive. Practical and helpful for the gardener. Every species is described; the Genus Penstemon classification scheme is explained, and cultivation information given . Carefully chosen diagrams introd ....- to download, no link

'Good Beginners' - by Peterson, Bette
An excellent plant for the beginner is Penstemon bridgesii, listed as a subshrub--a leafy perennial here in western Washington--and found in Baja, California, east to Arizona and Colorado. It grows from 12-30" tall, perhaps needing a small stake, with slender bright green leaves and numerous rosy-pink tubes which bloom all sum¬mer long. You might try seeds each year, if they are in the Seed List, ....- to download, Link Here


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