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'From Reno to Bishop and Back: Adventures of Exploration' - by Wilde, Ellen
This year our group of Penstemon Society travellers decided to fly to Reno and rent cars from there to explore eastern California. By some miracle, we were able to all get airline tickets that got us there at approximately noon on Tuesday before the meeting. Thea Unzner had flown from Germany several days earlier on many flight segments and stayed with Shirley and Carl Backman a few days be ....- to download, Link Here

'Ely Really' - by Ginny Maffitt
...So, which of the expected species were actually seen? I’ll discuss them in the order I photographed them, plus relay some of what others saw. Beginning on Friday, I went scouting with Bob and Jeni Pennington, Nathan Miller, Dwayne Dickerson and Ollie Webb south down Highway 6, turning southeast onto Hwy 318, the White River road. It looked totally unprepossing for penstemons with lots of Artem ....- to download, Link Here

'Divisions of the Genus Penstemon' - by not listed
A list of subgenera, sections and subsections. ....- to download, Link Here

'Disintegration of the Scrophulariaceae' - by Olmstead, Richard G; DePamphilis, Claude W.; Wolfe, Andrea W.; Young, Nelson D.; Elisons, Wayne J.; Reeves, Patrick A.
A molecular systemic study of Scrophulariaceae sensu lato using DNA sequences of three plastid genes... ....- to download, Link Here

Being interested in the proposal of a propagation and exchange facility to perpetuate selected penstemon clones, I am anxious to re­view some of those that have passed through my life and garden, most of which I can still provide for the project. It is a sad fact of life though that they do not prosper here in this cold Puget Sound garden as it has become shadier and consequently cooler, and ....- to download, Link Here


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