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The purpose of this report is to point out some rather interesting variations in characteristics of the Penstemon barrettiae plants from colonies at different sites. Whether the differences are due to the fact that these colonies are separated by a thousand feet in elevation, or because of a touch of P. fruticosus blood, are points to study. Since garden conditions tend to alter certain plant ....- to download, Link Here

'Colorado's Imperiled Penstemons' - by Robertson, Erin
Many of us are drawn to penstemons because of their incredible variety of colors, forms, habitats, and pollinators. With over 270 species to choose from, there is a penstemon out there to suit virtually anyone's fancy. This amazing diversity is based on the evolution and retention of local adaptations, which is why penstemons have been able to exploit so many unusual situations. Howeve ....- to download, Link Here

'Claude A. Barr: Pioneer Botanist and Plantsman' - by Reed, Cynthia L.
Throughout his life, Claude A. Barr was more than just interested in wildflowers. Born near Bentonville, Arkansas on August 27,1887 to a farm family of limited means, Barr, at the age of ten, was already successfully experimenting with the transplanting and cultivation of native wildflowers there (Barr, 1983). Clearly intellectually gifted, after high school he was awarded scholarship assistance t ....- to download, Link Here

'Blowout Penstemon' - by Stubbendieck, Weedon, Traeger, Lindgren
Stout perennial herb. Stems decumbent to sinuously erect, (l.5)2-4.5 dm tall, glabrous, 1-5(12 or more) from a subterranean caudex joining deep roots. Leaves entire, glabrous, bluish-green, firm; basal and lower cauline leaves linear to linear-lanceolate, (2)5.5-11(l3) cm long, 0.2-1 cm wide, acuminate to acute, sessile, clasping; upper cauline leaves linear to lanceolate, 6-16 cm long, 0.7.3 cm ....- to download, Link Here

'Assessing hybridization of natural populations of Penstemon (Scrophulariaceae) using hypervariable intersimple sequence repeat (ISSR) bands' - by Wolfe, Andrea D.; Xiang, Qui-Yun; Kephart, Susan R.
The importance of hybridization in plants has been a subject of intense scrutiny for most of the 20th century. ... ....- to download, Link Here


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