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'APS Trip to Nebraska and South Dakota, June 7 and 8, 2003' - by Hamil, Chris and Zach, Jean
On June 7 and 8, a group of mid-western lovers of the genus, Penstemon met in North Platte for a weekend frenzy combining some study and much wildflower gazing. Bob and Phoebe McFarlane had contacted midwestern APS members from the membership list. The group met at the Administration Building of the University of Nebraska West Cenral Research and Extension Center in North Platte. Dr. Dale Li ....- to download, Link Here

'APS TRAVEL HERBARIUM 1966' - by Backman, Shirley
The exact ending of the Cascades and the beginning of the Sierra Nevada is argued, but the text I am using places it in approximately the North Fork of the Feather river, or on a line running between Chico and Susanville. The Southern Cascades are essentially a group of volcanoes with beds of lava in and between them. In the first fifty miles of its range to the north there are something li ....- to download, Link Here

'APS 2002 ANNUAL MEETING TRIP IN UTAH (June 1 to June 4, 2002)' - by McFarlane, Robert and Wilde, Ellen
Few flowers, fantastic scenery and wonderful companionship. That is a fairly accurate description of the APS 2002 Annual Tour to eastern and southern Utah. We all had a grand time and give grateful thanks to Bill and Cathy King for their exceptional job in planning and organizing this year’s trip. The tour started in Moab on Saturday morning June 1st when we all met at the City Market ....- to download, Link Here

'American Penstemon Society Field Trip and Annual Meeting - July 7, 2003' - by Wheeler, Libby
Thanks to thorough reconnoitering and good travel notes provided by Bob McFarlane, nine APS members spent a productive day scouting penstemons west of Denver on July 7th. Erin Robertson, Dave Bentzin, Ellen Wilde, Thea Unzner, Laurin and Libby Wheeler and Phoebe and Bob McFarlane met at 7 am in the Pterodactyl Parking Area to carpool. Bill Gray joined us en route on a sunny, clear Colorado d ....- to download, Link Here

'A Propagating Experience' - by Bob McFarlane
When Val asked if I would write an article on my penstemon propagation experiences this past year I agreed but only with some trepidation, since so many of you have had so much more experience in this area than I. By way of some background, my wife and I have been growing penstemons for the past ten years. We also have been collecting wild penstemon seed for several years and I have been trying ....- to download, Link Here


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