UPDATED December 2016!! We are currently migrating to a new website at http://penstemons.org and will be updating pages on this site as they are moved to the new website. Thus far we have moved membership, special projects grants, annual meetings, and seed exchange information to the new site.

The purpose of the APS Special Projects Program is to stimulate activities that promote knowledge and appreciation of Penstemons. Download the RFP form here

The home page shows Penstemon harbourii. Photograph courtesy Bob and Rebecca Skowron

Welcome to the site dedicated to all things Penstemon - an exclusive family of flowering plants found only in North America. Their 280 species include some of our most beautiful wildflowers. Penstemons can be found in a wide variety of habitats ranging from the mountains of Guatemala to the tundra of Canada and Alaska. They have also been adapted as wonderful plants for our gardens. In addition to the natural species there are over 800 cultivars and hybrids that have been developed by plant breeders over the last 300+ years. Penstemons range in size from an inch or so to over seven feet in height and the color range of their flowers covers the spectrum.


This site has been developed to collect and present a wealth of information on;

This site is also the home of the American Penstemon Society, an organization founded in 1946 to study and adapt penstemons to gardens. We are an organization of over 300 members worldwide and invite you to visit our site often. If you have interest in joining us please click here for membership information.


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